Snail Bob 6

Snail Bob 6 is an interesting online game which is a follow up of its successful predecessors. The game has a wide popularity and the game is about helping the snail Bob to get through his way without being hurt.

Click to play Snail Bob 6

click to play snail bob 6


The objective of Snail Bob 6 game is to help the little snail Bob navigate his way without being hurt or killed by any means. The way is full of complications and has dangerous surroundings. The player has to get the snail Bob to the exit by overcoming all obstacles on the way. Snail Bob has no knowledge of the path or any traps on the way and it is the player’s part to make use of his gaming skills and gaming controls to take him to the safe position at the exit. The player has to make use of the control to stop and start so that he knows what to do in his way.


The player’s mouse and keypad are the controls to be used in the game. The player can use either controls according to his convenience. Generally, mouse control is comfortable. It’s a single player game and hence all control is in one hand. Navigation is also convenient for players with the menu displaying all available options.

snail bob 6


Snail Bob 6 is an interesting game which is available for free online. The game is exciting and is important to check out the walkthrough game on YouTube to get an idea on how the game goes and how to help the snail Bob reach its exit. As the player enters the website, he can click the menu and get started with the game.

The main screen has other menu options like gallery, introduction about the game, instructions for players, credits and more games. Players can make adjustments in sound in the background music. If not interested, players can stop the music.


Levels of Play

Snail Bob 6 features 25 levels of play that are exciting. Each level turns out to be harder and challenging for players. As the player progresses to higher levels, he has to be prepared to overcome the difficulty at each level. Any player who finds difficulty or doesn’t know how to go forward can go through YouTube videos on walkthroughs so that they can make their game.

The game is easy to play for people of all ages. Having this kind of games online for free gives children great opportunities to have fun entertainment. As players collect important items along their way, the snail can easily get through the path. Many obstacles come on the way and snail Bob has to cross the hurdles and make its way to the exit.

snail bob

Snail Bob 6 falls under the puzzle games category and provides players the excitement. Although the game looks simpler, it is challenging when players move into higher levels. Each level has different obstacles and players need to ensure that snail Bob is not hurt by any means on the way. Going through the game instructions will help players right through. The walkthrough option is found in all levels and players can click the option if they struggle at some point in each level. Choose to play this version of game in the right website and enjoy gaming fun right from the place you are in great style.

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