Games Like Snail Bob

Snail Bob is an interesting puzzle game and is chosen for gaming by people of all ages. Snail Bob game involves all activities to help the little snail Bob to go along its way with different goals at each version.

But there are more similar games you can play till the next Snail Bob game released:


Snoring 2 Winter

snoring 2 winter

Snoring 2 Winter is an interesting logic and thinking games where the player has to wake up the sleeping elephant. The player has to click on animals to activate the animals. In the game, each animal performs a different function. The player has to use these animals and knock off the elephant by waking it up. The elephant sleeps with loud snoring in the winter and player has to destroy the sleep. It is exciting to wake the elephant as it is difficult and activation of animals is still interesting. It falls under physics based puzzle games and makes players think about how to wake up the snoring elephant.


Doctor Acorn

 Doctor Acorn

Doctor Adorn is a funny puzzle game which adventurous to play. In this game, the player has to cross the woods and bringing back a golden acorn. The player has to defeat all angry boars that are on the player’s way as he keeps going to take the acorn. The player has to solve puzzles all through the way to find something. There are three awards including bronze, silver and golden and the player has to cross all hurdles and finally take the acorns. The player has to click the red button on the right at the initial lvel to get started with the game.

Many games are offered online these days for free. With the increase in online games, there is also increase in gaming lovers and vice versa. It is good to think from various perspectives that online games have given people the right edge with interesting options.


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