Snail Bob 5 Walkthrough

Snail Bob 5 Walkthrough is interesting as it gives much practice for players to know Snail Bob 5 in perfect form. It is an interesting love story that Bob travels. The little snail Bob goes in search of a female snail singer which is so beautiful and the search is complete when Bob find the best it has ever seen.

Snail Bob 5 Walkthrough All Levels 1 – 25 HD

The game is highly exciting as the player has to push different buttons and help Bob run over crocodiles and kill spiders to make through its way. Using mouse and keypad control, the player can perform different operations. It is a great platform to experience gaming fun and solve lots and lots of puzzles. The player has to guide Bob all along his way.

The love story is romantic as Bob is ready to do anything for its soul mate. His singer performs in the forest where there are full of dangers and Bob has to reach his soul mate by getting into the forest crossing hurdles. All 25 levels are interesting and fun filled with complete romance in Bob. Bob keeps going and the player can stop him by pressing the space bar or clicking on him. There are buttons on the upper right corner to control the speed and direction. The ant on the little hat helps Bob a lot by sitting on the buttons. Taking three stars in each level is much challenging in this version of game.

They are hidden and Bob has to take it and gain energy and cross levels. The player has to solve puzzles and take Bob.  Bob keeps moving and the player has to sort our buttons and keep going. The player has to click the button to open up doors at each level. It is quite exciting as stars are hidden by some means and the player has to stop Bob and solve puzzles.


Snail Bob 5: Love Story Walkthrough – All Stars

Level 1

Press the red button on the top and keep moving. Press the red button again to take the star and turn around using the button on the top and exit.

Level 2

Press the red button to bring the wooden path and cross it. As you come down speed up using the button and then cross the path before it breaks.

Level 3

Press the red buttons to keep going down crossing the obstacles and getting through the exit.

Level 4

Press the red button to bring the wooden lane to get forward. Press the red button again to cross to the other side and come down by changing the direction using the button.

Level 5

Press the red button to taken the wooden blocks on the water and speed up before you fall prey to crocodiles. Press the red button and go up and exit.

Level 6

Press the red button and go down and get to the exit using the support before you are being caught by the obstacles.


At all levels, keep pressing the red buttons according to the instructions and get to the exit points. You need to cross all 20 levels of play. It is quite interesting to look at the walkthrough. Each level has a different set of hurdles and the player has to keep speeding, change directions of the snail, hold it inactive if required and cross the levels. It can be played easily if you check out the walkthrough online.


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