Snail Bob 6 Walkthrough

Snail Bob 6 Walkthrough helps players get complete ideas on solving puzzles and playing all levels of Snail Bob 6 game. The game features 25 levels and all levels are quite interesting putting the player to puzzles.

Snail Bob 6: Winter Story Walkthrough All Levels 1 – 25

It is a winter story and is very much interesting to try all options in the game. It is a single player game and the player has to help the little snail Bob to get through his way to help his grandpa. As players have this form of walkthroughs to guide them on each move to make, they enjoy it a lot. They can find out best ways to navigate the snail to its exit point overcoming all obstacles. Crossing the woods by overcoming the hurdles is highly exciting for the player.

This winter game involves Christmas season and a sinister hamster kidnaps Santa and takes Santa deep into the woods. The player has to help Bob, the little snail to reach Santa and save him by crossing 25 levels. Click on Bob or the space bar to stop Bob. Click the button in the upper right corner to turn Bob around. When the game starts, the player has to click the button to get started. Collecting stars all along the way helps in gaining points in each level and unlocking levels much easily. The intuitive and colorful gaming environment gives much interest to players. As reach level starts, things look much complicated with orientation of buttons, levers and platforms. The stars are hidden and the player finds it interesting to pick up these stars. It’s truly an exciting game to play.

Gaming options are plenty and the walkthrough is a step by step guide for players to understand all about the game and the operations to perform at each level. The game has 25 levels and getting through the levels is easy when the player understands the levels.

snail bob 6

Level 1

Press the red button, keep going, take the star, cross the hurdles and speed up to the exit.

Level 2

Press the red button to unlock level 2 and keep moving. Change directions if necessary. To stop the snail, click over it with mouse. Change the direction using the button on the top right. Pick up the star and get to the exit.

Level 3

Press the red buttons to move hurdles and get the path to keep going. Take the stars and get to the exit.

Level 4

Press the red button and move to cross the woods. Remove the blocks by pressing the button and take stars and get to the exit by crossing borders.

At each level, start by unlocking the levels by pressing the red button. Keep going forward and collect stars. When there is a block do not fall. Press the button and then keep the snail passive if required by clicking over it. You can change the direction of the snail and adjust the speed as you keep going on your way.

As you check out, you can easily get through the levels and keep advancing at all levels. Try the levels by looking through the walkthrough and win games in great style. Make sure you go through the walkthrough whenever you find difficulty in any level of game. Follow the game as it goes and instructions offer you assistance.


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