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Play Snail Bob 7: Fantasy Story  is amongst one of the best puzzle games preferred by many people. It is game offered for free in many gaming websites and provides high level of excitement to all players. The game can be viewed from two perspectives.

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In old games, the little snail named bob is kidnapped and the player has to rescue Bob. In modern versions of the game, it is about getting to the exit overcoming obstacles without being hurt or killed.


Snail Bob 7 – Fantasy Story – game is interesting and chosen by lots of people. The objective in the game is to help the little snail navigate through its path and reach the exit overcoming the hurdles that can hurt or even kill the snail. The entire path looks complicated with obstacles and different blocks that prevent the snail from crossing. The player has to use options to free the path and keep the snail going.

The snail doesn’t have any idea about the path or knowledge on what is on the way. The player has to help and guide Bob in reaching the exit. There are also many traps that Bob wouldn’t be able to recognize or overcome. Using gaming controls and his skills, the player has to help Bob in reaching the exit to serve his purpose from there.


In Snail Bob Fantasy Story, the controls to use are the keypad and mouse. As per his convenience, players can use any control. In general, control using the mouse is easier as you get into the game. The player has complete control over the game and navigates through the menu and options to know more on the games and how to win in the game.

 Snail bob 7 level 3


The game is offered for free by many gaming websites. It is simple and effective for its gaming. People love to check out this game as they prefer puzzle games. The game doesn’t involve solving big puzzles. It is all about helping the little snail. The game screen has menu with all options. As the player starts with the game, he can check out all options. The game gallery is also available to help players get an idea of how the game would be.

The player has the options to look into the walkthrough, where the player can view the game via YouTube. All options are available in the menu and information on credits is also listed out. Background music in games gives much interest to players. Some players wish to play with music while some do not prefer music. It is left to the choice of players to adjust music and sound setting in the game.

Level 2 Snail Bob 7

Levels of Play

Snail Bob 7 has 90 levels in the game and each level is different. Players can get better skills and make use of their skills to get to higher levels. It is in all ways interesting for the player to lead Bob all along its way crossing the hurdles along the way.

The player can gather useful items and materials on the way to help the little snail and can also use the same to get to next levels. Players can learn something new on how puzzles look like from this type of games. It gives them complete satisfaction as gaming websites provide all means of support for players to play games in an unlimited fashion.




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