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Snail Bob 6: Island Story falls under the puzzle games category and provides players the excitement. Although the game looks simpler, it is challenging when players move into higher levels. Each level has different obstacles and players need to ensure that snail Bob is not hurt by any means on the way. Going through the game instructions will help players right through. The walkthrough option is found in all levels and players can click the option if they struggle at some point in each level. Choose to play this version of game in the right website and enjoy gaming fun right from the place you are in great style.

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The objective of Snail Bob 8 game is to take the little snail Bob to the exit while overcoming the obstacles. The path is unknown to Bob and is likely to be hurt. Hence, the player has to use the best materials and help Bob in navigating through its path in the best way. The blocks and traps on the way are quite challenging and little Bob doesn’t have knowledge of the traps or even when caught doesn’t know it would be hurt if it moves forward.

Gaming guide helps players get more ideas on how to play. Players can also make use of their gaming knowledge and skills to overcome the difficulty at each level of play. The game help supports players in meeting their objectives and winning at all levels. The obstacles that they encounter at each level differ and it becomes tougher as they go to higher levels in the game.

Snail Bob 8 level 2


This puzzle games has controls through keypad and mouse. It is the choice of the player to use either the keypad or mouse. Mouse control sounds simple and effective for many players. Being a single player game, the player has the operational control and can navigate all options to best use of options to win the game. Using the controls, the player can take Bob to the exit by smashing obstacles using materials they obtain on the way.

You can use the mouse or the keys  ( 1, 2, Spacebar) . It’s your choice :)


Snail Bob 8 is highly impressive and many websites offer players this game free. As you enter into the gaming websites, you can play this game for free and it gives players great fun. Although it comes under the puzzle games category, the player is not required to solve any puzzles. He just has to collect materials and also use his skills to navigate little Bob to his exit. As gaming is easier players take the chance to try all levels. However, they find each level different in game and have to use their gaming knowledge to get to any level further.

Snail Bob 8

As the player gets into the game, he enters the game screen which has all options. In the main menu, player can start or exit from the game, view game gallery, read game instructions, check out credits and go through the walkthrough to understand how to help Bob reach its exit. The background sound and music is excellent in the game with additional effects. Player can change the sound settings or even stop the background music if they are not comfortable with it.

Levels of Play

The game includes 30 different levels in the game. Each level is varied and the player needs to cross levels by passing through the path that has a lot of dangerous surroundings. Little Bob has to reach the exit after crossing all levels in the game.

Making effective use of the gaming skills gives players an upper hand in the game.

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