Snail Bob 9

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click to play snail bob 9

Snail Bob 9 is one such interesting puzzle game that is offered for players. This game gives unlimited fun and entertainment to players with effective gaming options and ease. It is simple to try this version of game. The game focuses on players helping a little snail named Bob to navigate and get to the exit.


Snail Bob has to reach the exit after crossing through different levels. The objective of the game is that the player has to guide and take little Bob along its path without letting it hurt by any means. There are very dangerous obstacles on the way that can kill Bob and hence players need to be careful in picking up materials so that it becomes easier to save Bob.

The path of Bob is full of obstacles and traps. Bob being little doesn’t know anything about the obstacles or any blocks on the way. It can be dangerous with terrific surroundings or misty blocks. The player has to empty the path by clearing all that comes on the way so that the snail can keep going in the path. As the snail is completely unaware of all things, it is the control of the player to guide the snail in reaching its exit in the right way without any physical damage. The player makes use of the gaming controls and takes advantage of picking stars in the game.


In Snail Bob 9, the keypad and mouse are the controls that players can have and use for their gaming. It is totally dependent on their convenience to choose any type of control to play the game.  As it is a single player game, only the player has to deal with all difficulties and make effective use of his controls to save little Bob and win the game.

snail bob 9


Snail Bob 9 is played by lots and lots of people these days. It develops an interest in players for the level of commitment they show and the easy options keep players in the game. Being a single player puzzle game, it gives player complete control to take the game. In the game, the game screen has main menu with different options like gaming guide, walkthrough to know the game moves, credits, instructions, start and exit options, game gallery and background music. Players can enjoy playing with the background music and it is interesting to play with sounds and additional effects. Settings can be changed and players find great interest in taking up the game.

Levels of Play

Snail Bob 9 features 10 levels in the game. Each level is interesting from a different perspective and offers great amusement to players. Players can use their gaming skills and improve to higher levels. It is much exciting for players to cross hurdles and go to the next level.

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